Company Profile

Kerameus provides first-class commercial and residential real estate services, flexibly adapted to clients’ needs.

Established in 1995, we are a leading company in the markets we operate.

We aim in maximizing value for our clients, by formulating strategies based on a thorough understanding of the client’s business. Through our responsive service, we provide expert advice to companies and organizations, transforming real estate into a means for achieving their business objectives. Whether we are working on the acquisition of a high street property, the placement of private equity finance, or a portfolio disposition, we will employ all of our resources to achieve bottom line results.

Kerameus is exceptional in acting as an extension to the company’s management team, releasing time for their core activities. We are committed to providing real estate solutions based on our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of the property market, up-to-date information and a thorough understanding of market trends, making sure that our clients get value and efficient management of their real estate objectives.

The services we offer cover a wide range of specialties. Through our co-operation with international property companies, we have access to a worldwide office network and specialized service sectors.

At Kerameus we take pride in establishing long lasting relationships, often initiating through a single transaction and further developing as mutual understanding grows. We view this as the best measurement of our success.





Appraising the market value of a property requires in-depth knowledge of local markets backed by experience, diligent research and professional judgement.

Valuation is a core service at Kerameus. Working in one of the least transparent markets of the EU, it is of critical importance to understand the drivers of value. Through continuous market tracking and systematic collection of information on trends, rents and yields, recent developments and activities of key players, we have succeeded in delivering accurate results.

Kerameus has extensive experience valuing most types of properties in Greece. Our services may focus on a single property or a wide portfolio of diverse real estate assets. Reports follow the standards set by the Appraisal Institute, TeGoVA, and RICS, including highest and best use analysis, and appropriate application of valuation methods, based on up-to-date and accurate information, reflecting current local and national trends. Our heavy involvement in brokerage combined to our ten-year long experience provides a direct source on transaction data.

We have been acting on behalf of major national and international real estate investment companies, lending institutions, listed corporations as well as private property owners, providing over the last ten years timely and reliable appraisal services.

Purposes of valuations include Loan Security, Strategic Disposition Analysis, Hold vs. Sell Strategies, IPO’s, Mergers & Acquisitions, Feasibility Studies or Due Diligence Reports, Year End Accounts. Next to reviewing the value of a portfolio, we can also assess portfolio performance, since we can provide accurate data for benchmarking.
Our knowledge, qualifications, experience, integrity and industry-recognized objectivity make the company highly valued in dispute arbitration proceedings before judicial bodies and as expert witness and attorney advisors.


Sales & Acquisitions, Lettings and Development

Kerameus’ proven transactional experience covers the entire spectrum of commercial properties (retail, office, industrial, warehouse), as well as block sales of residential projects. We represent owners and occupiers in significant transactions occurring in major commercial markets.

Investing in establishing long-term relationships with developers, investors, property companies and major corporations keeps us in-touch with the changing needs of the market, including specialist property sectors.



Kerameus has an excellent track concerning residential property transactions.

Understanding the clients’ housing or investment needs, Kerameus performs the market surveying in order to find suitable property. The company a full service spectrum, including legal and technical survey of the targeted properties.

Representing the sellers, Kerameus exploits its 15year long valuation experience, in order to market their properties. Kerameus makes wide use of the contemporary promotion tools (uploading available properties in the company site, uploading relevant advertisements in specialized real estate sites, targeted mass e-mails et c.)



Kerameus is one of the market leaders in dealing with industrial / warehouse property in northern Greece.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including facility / site acquisition and disposition; lease or sale negotiations based on market knowledge and current local, regional, and national trends; planning analysis.

Our current portfolio includes properties located in the industrial zones of major cities in northern Greece.



We share with our clients our expertise on all issues of acquisition, sale, promotion and leasing of office space, ensuring that clients’ business needs are fully realized.

Representing occupiers Kerameus provides exceptional services including availability research, transaction negotiation and structure, financial analysis. In the initialisation of project development schemes we draw upon our knowledge of potential demand to create solutions practically suited to the specifics of market needs.

Kerameus is involved in major office space projects and currently represents over 50.000 square meters of office space in both central business districts and peripheral markets.



Understanding the dynamics of local real estate markets is key in the retail sector.

Kerameus provides retailers and retail property investors with a full complement of services, including Acquisition and Disposal, Site Selection, Business Location Advice, Network Development, Leasing and Tenant Representation. We currently act for major national and international retail brands and property owners, providing ability to break into new markets, locate strategically, and maximize asset value.


Landlord and Tenant Issues

Kerameus offers rent reviewing and rent renewal services, mainly in commercial property, which is heavily regulated in Greece by the Commercial Lease Act.

Our market knowledge and experience of the issues surrounding lease structures helps clients to secure their interests. Our services include presenting cases to Courts as Independent Experts.



The need for organisations to generate maximum returns from their property investments is becoming ever more important. We recognise that expert advice is vital in helping our clients to deliver their goals and to help us provide value across the real estate spectrum.

At Kerameus we offer innovative advice to a wide range of clients in both the public and private sector, including land developers, property investors and property-owning corporations, providing effective business solutions to real estate portfolio issues.

In-depth market knowledge, expertise and strong multi-disciplinary academic background (economics, banking, business administration and engineering), combined to our unmatched ability to understand our client’s business objectives is the key in delivering reliable property relevant business plans.

Our advice is as practical as it is strategic, ensuring that real estate is positioned to support directly or indirectly the clients’ business objectives.

Development Consulting

Kerameus provides expert advice to developers, land owners and building companies on land or building development issues, including disposal and acquisition, development, construction or refurbishment of existing buildings.

Among the things we do is negotiate joint ventures, brief architects or other consultants and initiate concepts for joint ventures or partnerships by negotiating between different types of organisations. Our expertise covers different market sectors, including Office, Industrial, Retail, Hotels, Private Residential and Student Accommodation. Studies are custom tailored to meet the client’s exact needs and will provide answers to issues such as size and type of new development, optimum property mix, size of extension, buy / sell / participation decisions, optimum tenant mix, tenant sector targeting, promotion strategy.

To turn vision into reality, we take on the responsibility throughout the entire process, including site selection, assessment of market demand, development alternatives, negotiation, design, marketing strategies, leasing or selling, ensuring that the initial key objectives are met.


Real Estate Portfolio Consulting

The out-performance of property as an asset class over the last years in Greece has demonstrated the advantages of having a significant weighting in property within a balanced asset portfolio.

Kerameus advises investors and property owners by developing customized strategies that provide returns through rental revenue and/or potential asset price increases.

Acquiring and holding the right property is crucial to maximising the profitability of any portfolio. We employ all of our resources to help clients in all aspects of acquisition and we can develop a profile of properties where clients will receive the required balance of income growth, income security and active management opportunities. Property market analysis provides the basis in understanding the main performance drivers, such that returns derived from real estate assets can be benchmarked both against other asset classes and against the performance of the average relevant property market or vacant or under-utilized properties being turned into high yielding assets.